tracert は、宛先までのパケットの経路を見つけるのに役立つトレースルートコマンドです。


ユーザーは、tracert とタイプすることができます。

and press enter key. Then, the packet will go to the defined ip address. When the packet passes a specific router, it sends information of that router to the sending device. The information is the ip address and the time to travel among each hop. If there is no information, it means the packet has not reached the destination. Therefore, it is possible to find whether the paths of the network are working properly. Likewise, tracert helps to trace the path from the source to destination with every hop along the way.

What is pathping

The general ping command helps to the test the network issues such as connectivity and name resolution. The pathping command combines the functionality of both ping and tracert. It helps to find information about the network delays at the hops between the sender and receiver.

Moreover, it sends several echo request messages to each router between the sender and receiver over a period of time and calculates the results based on the packets returned from each router. It also displays the packet losses at any given router. Therefore, it is possible to find the routers that have network issues.

Overall, pathping works similar to tracert by figuring out the routers in the path. Then it sends requests periodically to all the routers within that defined time period and computes the results using the returned packets from each router.

Difference Between tracert and pathping


tracert is a command-line utility that can be used to trace the path that an Internet Protocol (IP) packet takes to its destination. On the other hand, pathping is a command-line utility supplied in Windows 2000 and beyond that combines the functionality of ping with tracert.


Furthermore, tracert helps to find the exact path of the data packet to reach the destination while pathping helps to locate spots that have network latency and network loss.


In brief, the tracert and pathping are two command-line utilities that allow the system or network administrators to locate problems of a network. However, the main difference between tracert and pathping is that tracert help to find the actual path from the source to destination device while pathping is a command that provides information about network latency and network loss at intermediate hops between the source and the destination devices.